Patience I tell myself, as I inhale deeply
sitting on the robins egg blue seat on the train
Stand clear of the closing doors the train says
as I take a moment and notice I’m on the wrong train
My heart sinks the shock stops
See you next year, I sent a text
Knowing I might not be here again
It’s hard when you care about
someone and can’t hear from them again

I hear a drum roll through my mind
while riding the wrong train,
I can’t help but to think of your musicality
how you are trained to hit every beat.
I know you’ll atleast enjoy LA for a bit.

I’m kinda busy, running around and shit”

3 states, in one week, and then you are gone.
how could you leave me?
gliding up to the atmosphere and into the clouds.
“He’s not that into you”
a jealous girl says.
his flight leaves tomorrow.

“Hold up, why are you acting like this? Its not that serious”

It was just yesterday you grabbed me and kissed me,
telling me I’ll be okay..
“Obviously he likes you, if he keeps coming over..”
his friends say.
It was the Fourth of July, you held me close that day.
looking into each other eyes,
I like when you come over and suprise me,

“I have to ask you something” he says,

I was never asked that day.

my friend came to visit and like a waltz
continuously ruined each of my days.
I just want to be dancing with

I wake up today asking “Can I see you??”
Its been a week, and I miss you.
your flight leaves tomorrow.
I look up at my computer screen, and then into my hands.
You say you hope you’ll be gone for the year.

I wish I could go into reverse and start all over.

how could you use me.

a tarot spread, reflecting on my dad 🙂

You must thank a being of the afterlife for the help he (she) has given you. You get the answers you were searching for through this being. Furthermore he (she) pushes you to dig deeper into your spiritual inspiration to help your exchanges with him (her). On this point, he (she) invites you to find a specific location in your house that will be conducive to meditation. You’ll use the area to favor meditation deep within you. This place allows you to be more responsive (receptive) to his (her) messages. You will then adopt a personal communication ritual that you will practice each time you would like to interact with him (her). He (she) will recognize this ritual, and each time he (she) will come to meet you to receive your confidences and wrap you with his (her) love. This being is a person you know well, whom you love deeply and who died. Although he (she) has no infinite powers, he (she) still has the ability to help you with certain aspects of your life and intervene for you with God when necessary.