I’m kinda busy, running around and shit”

3 states, in one week, and then you are gone.
how could you leave me?
gliding up to the atmosphere and into the clouds.
“He’s not that into you”
a jealous girl says.
his flight leaves tomorrow.

“Hold up, why are you acting like this? Its not that serious”

It was just yesterday you grabbed me and kissed me,
telling me I’ll be okay..
“Obviously he likes you, if he keeps coming over..”
his friends say.
It was the Fourth of July, you held me close that day.
looking into each other eyes,
I like when you come over and suprise me,

“I have to ask you something” he says,

I was never asked that day.

my friend came to visit and like a waltz
continuously ruined each of my days.
I just want to be dancing with

I wake up today asking “Can I see you??”
Its been a week, and I miss you.
your flight leaves tomorrow.
I look up at my computer screen, and then into my hands.
You say you hope you’ll be gone for the year.

I wish I could go into reverse and start all over.

how could you use me.


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