a tarot spread, reflecting on my dad šŸ™‚

You must thank a being of the afterlife for the help he (she) has given you. You get the answers you were searching for through this being. Furthermore he (she) pushes you to dig deeper into your spiritual inspiration to help your exchanges with him (her). On this point, he (she) invites you to find a specific location in your house that will be conducive to meditation. You’ll use the area to favor meditation deep within you. This place allows you to be more responsive (receptive) to his (her) messages. You will then adopt a personal communication ritual that you will practice each time you would like to interact with him (her). He (she) will recognize this ritual, and each time he (she) will come to meet you to receive your confidences and wrap you with his (her) love. This being is a person you know well, whom you love deeply and who died. Although he (she) has no infinite powers, he (she) still has the ability to help you with certain aspects of your life and intervene for you with God when necessary.


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