My First Sestina,

across from all the lillies blooming, (a)
the snails slithering across the street (b)
if only I could capture more of your time (d)
down Nimrod road, around the corner (c)
we sat at bus 59’s stop (e)
as the rain continued dripping by(f)

as time passes by (f)
our relationship starts blooming (a)
the bus doesn’t stop (e)
for us, waiting on the street (b)
we take our time (d)
holding hands around the corner ©

We hide in this corner
just trying to get by
passing time
the weeds beneath our feet are blooming
beneath the stone cold street
we watch as if the world has stopped

the rain stops (e)
as we race around the corner (c)
We have to get back to the high street (b)
Our bus is about to pass us by! (f)
now all the flowers are too wet to bloom (a)
We are running out of time! (d)

looking out the window watching time
slip away, the bus stops
we get out, and watch the sun bloom
from around the Elephant and Castle corner.
The large sun hasn’t stopped by
in quite awhile, behind the bustled streets

We kiss goodbye on the highstreet
always on time.
we say goodbye.
as the world around us blooms
because it feels like time always stops

when Im with you on the street, spring time is best for bloom
if only there was enough time, as I reach around the corner,
if only we didn’t let time pass by, and everything just stops.

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