Thursday Night, hundreds of people piled in and piled out at The Mentor Show.. A long wait wrapping around leading up to the door. All my nerves, I am so incredibly Thankful for everyone that showed up.. Ashley Macknica, I interned under her at Marie Claire showed up, The scout from Ryan McGinley, Phoebe Prickett showed up, my old therapist, who reminded me how far I’ve come, many alumni which made me so happy, and all the beautifully dressed artist, and my mom 🙂
We have a lot more in common then I ever imagined. Seeing all the artwork together, eating all the sweets, and loving to just relax. Thats where I get it from, my obsession with staying home, and sleeping. She picked up fruits and made me feel at home. I miss having her around. I might try and come home for a month in the summer time, just to be next to my mom. I know the city was hard for her the last few days.. but I enjoyed having her around. Being sick got on my nerves though. I just want to not cough anymore.

My school Therapist reminded me how far I’ve come, apparently anytime the office staff see me, they thank him, we weren’t sure if I was going to make it the first two years at school. My first year at school was hard. Seeing my work with my mom, was harder. We cried. I miss my dad, we wish he could’ve seen my work that day, or how far I’ve come. Its been too long. We watched the sunset together, and then went around and saw the artwork on the walls. As Joe Sinnott once said, “You are definitely not weak Melissa, sensitive, but not weak. Most definitely strong.”

My mom got to meet everyone that delt with me, and saved me the first two years of school that day.. and all the wonderful comments from my friends/peers, made my heart light up.. I can’t thank everyone enough.. I can’t believe I made it this far. I honestly didn’t think it was possible..


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